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Cockroach Extermination, Pest Control in Tidewater VA
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Termite Extermination, Pest Control in Tidewater VA

Pest Control in Tidewater VA

You do not want pests and termites inviting themselves into your home or business. Ask Hug-A-Bug Pest Control & Termite Inc. in Tidewater, Virginia, to take care of this pest control problem, using our deep knowledge of the industry and 35 years of experience.

Moisturecontrol: Hampton Road Area

When the damp, humid air threatens your home or business, turn to us for moisture control in the Tidewater region. Moisture can inflict so much damage on residential and commercial properties that it is important to stop these problems as soon as possible.

Our technicians treat your home or business to dry up that excess moisture and eliminate mold, fungus and biological contaminants. We are a class D licensed contractor so we can perform all repairs on the damaged areas. Know that we are proactive about preventing damage with pre-treatments for new or remodeled homes and businesses. Are methods for moisture removal include

Dehumidifiers  Vapor Barrier Sand for moisture removal



Green Pest Control: Tidewater & Surrounding Cities

Hug-A-Bug Pest Control & Termite in Tidewater, Virginia, is proud to be a green company. We use safe and effective eco-friendly forms of termite and pest control. Our green pest control products protect your family and customers from harmful chemicals.

House with White Siding, Pest Control in Tidewater VA
Houses, Pest Control in Tidewater VA

Pest Control Company: Suffolk, Hampton, & Newport News VA

Invite our well-trained technicians into your home or business to give you a free estimate on the cost to eliminate unwanted pests. We exterminate all types of pests from cockroaches to bedbugs and termites, as well as remove wildlife. Here is a list of our services:

 Commercial Pest Control

 Wildlife Re

Wood Destroying Organisms: Chesapeake, Norfolk, & Portsmouth VA

It is our practice to find damage from wood destroying organisms and insects as soon as possible and work to prevent them from damaging wood structures and fixtures. Count on us for inspections that locate pests, such as termites, carpenter ants and bees, and powder post beetles, as well as organisms and fungus that create havoc with wood.

About Us

We have been running our own company for 9 years, but offer you 35 years of experience in pest control. Our technicians are professionals with the training to back up their work. In addition, our company is licensed, bonded and insured.

 Contact us today for eco-friendly pest control services. We proudly serve Tidewater, Virginia Beach,
Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Hampton and Newport News, Virginia.